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Nestlings - for families with children aged 5 to 12
Birding with Cumberland Bird Observers
Australian Magpie

Nestlings outings are half-day activities especially designed for children aged 5 to 12, to introduce them to birdwatching in a way that is full of interest and fun to them. There are four Nestlings outings every year and children must be accompanied by an adult.

The outings are carefully planned to be within easy access for families living in Sydney, to explore a natural bushy kind of place with enough walking to be an achievable challenge to the children, and to give opportunities for them to look at bugs and bark and beaches as well as birds. Anything in fact that stirs their imaginations. Nestlings occasionally go spotlighting where there is the chance to see nocturnal birds like owls and frogmouths as well as possums.

Outings always conclude with a chat about what has been seen and a picture puzzle about birdlife. Spare binoculars are on loan if you don't have any.

Nestlings began in 1992. Nestlings is jointly funded by the CBOC and Birding NSW.

Upcoming outings are:

June 24, 2018
Sunday 8.30am
Nestlings Outing - Royal National Park
Royal National Park has an amazing diversity of habitats and bird species. We may even hear a Lyrebird mimicking other birds!
For details contact Renée Ferster Levy - 0412 131 528
September 23, 2018
Sunday 8.30am
Nestlings Outing - TBC
Nesting season! As well as looking for a variety of breeding species, we will coordinate with the Powerful Owl Project and may be lucky enough to see these magnificent birds and learn about the research.
For details contact Renée Ferster Levy - 0412 131 528
November 18, 2018
Sunday 8.30am
Nestlings Outing - Mason Park, Concord
Shorebirds come and spend our summer here all the way from Siberia! We hope to find some among the local waterbirds, and many terrestrial birds on the way.
For details contact Renée Ferster Levy - 0412 131 528

  1. Suitable for children between the age of 5 and 12 years.
  2. Must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.
  3. Outings finish at about 11:30 am followed by a picnic lunch (please byo lunch and drinks).
  4. Please contact Renée Ferster Levy on 0412 131 528 or by email prior to the day of the outing for more information and to register your intention to attend. Thank you

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