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Twitchathon - raising money for birds
Twitching is great
Twitching is great fun.
"Twitchathon" is a noun with several meanings: It can mean (1) participating in a fun race against time to find as many species as possible, and (2) obtaining donors who will sponsor you and your team (2 or more people) for every species of bird you find in that period. Or it could be (3) just supporting a team by being a donor, but most importantly it is (4) fund raising for real research and/or conservation of our native birds with tax deductible status (for donations over $2).

The Twitchathon is held every October at the end of Bird Week. Why not give it a go? Have a fun day chasing as many species as you can and raise money for conservation projects. You might like to enter the Main Race and set your target on 200+ species - not easy, but fun all the same! Or you might like to take it easier and go into the Champagne Race where you could just watch birds in your back yard or spend a day with your children or grandchildren, your species list being whatever you can comfortably manage. Think of the prestige of winning a prize! Or you might like just to sponsor one of the teams and feel the buzz of putting your dollars into real conservation.

Whichever of these options you prefer, please contact Birdlife Australia for either a Twitchathon registration kit or a sponsorship sheet. Click here for the BirdLife Twitchathon Homepage

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