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All outings and meetings have been cancelled until the end of June

Dear Members,

Your CBOC Committee hopes that everyone is keeping safe and well in this strange COVID-19 time. We wanted to update you on our intentions regarding the resumption of the CBOC Field Outings and Membersí Nights.

While there are some very encouraging signs with regards the lifting of the restrictions as announced by the Federal and State Governments under the COVIDSafe plan, there are still some concerns around how we can ensure that the Club provides a suitable duty of care to our Members during outings. Of particular concern is the ability for us to be able to birdwatch as a group while all standing 1.5m away from each other and still all see the birds!

The restrictions have also not yet been lifted sufficiently to allow us to be able to consider restarting our Membersí nights.

We are keeping a close eye on the progress of the lifting of the restrictions and are working on a plan as to how best to resume normal activities. We will be in touch again as soon as we are able to recommence any activities. So, for the time being, all outings and Membersí Nights remain cancelled up until at least the end of June, including any club KBA surveys.


Heather Pearce
CBOC Activities Officer


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