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Birdwatching outings are heaps of fun. The Cumberland Bird Observers' Club holds at least 40 outings every year all over the greater Sydney area. Outings usually start at about 8.30am and go into the afternoon (if the birding is good and participants willing, sometimes very late). There is no compulsion to stay until the very end and some people choose to leave at lunch time. Transport to most outings is by car although occasionally there are bus trips.

Field outings are informal, catering for birdwatchers of all capabilities, and helpful, friendly advice on all aspects of birding is always available. Typically, stops for birdwatching are made at a number of locations during the day, with breaks for morning tea and lunch.
Birding with Cumberland Bird Observers


Things to bring: All you need to bring are binoculars, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, food, drink, a chair and comfortable shoes. Take the leader's phone number with you in case you need to contact them. Some outings are on rough dirt tracks so you may need walking boots. A small backpack can be handy, especially if lunch is to be eaten some distance from the cars. A field guide for identifying birds is also handy but not essential.

Outings will proceed irrespective of the weather (leaders always turn up, even if no-one else does!), except for venues at risk during high fire danger warnings. If in doubt, phone the leader.

It's not uncommon to see about 50 species of birds on an outing, even in winter when most of the migratory birds are still in the northern hemisphere. On very good days, 75 species can be seen or heard, and on really bonza birding days, over 100 species can be located. There are no guarantees. Anything could turn up! That's part of the fun of birdwatching.

Outings are on Saturdays, Sundays and mid-week. Details of outings are published in the bi-monthly CBOC Newsletter and on this website.


When attending field outings ensure that you are wearing appropriate clothing, including wet weather gear in inclement weather and suitable footwear. It is advisable to bring a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and to carry water.

Please sign the attendance register at field outings and also at the meetings.

If you leave the outings early please let the leader know before you go.

Participants attend at their own risk and should refrain from any behaviour that might put themselves or others at risk. That includes assessing whether they have a level of fitness required for the advertised outings. If in doubt contact the outing leader beforehand.

Click here to read the club’s Ethical Birding Guidelines which apply to all members and visitors on all outings.

If you have any questions about any outing email

Upcoming outings are:
September 27, 2020
Sunday 8.30am
Windsor Downs Nature Reserve
At Windsor Downs, turn off Richmond Road into Sanctuary Drive and proceed slowly along this narrow roadway through the estate to the Meeting Point at the far end of the Drive. Morning tea and lunch at the cars. Grade: Easy. Level bush tracks. A few hours of walking. Leader - Gabrielle Rees 0414 947 138.
Map: Windsor Down Nature Reserve
October 17, 2020
Members' BBQ at Sydney Olympic Park
Outings after this date are not yet confirmed due to status of COVID-19 and are open to Members only. Members will be advised when outings are open for bookings. Further information can be obtained by eMailing
October 21, 2020
Wednesday 8.30am
Bushells Lagoon and Ebenezer
Meet at the junction of Blacktown Road and Brewers Lane, Freemans Reach. Leader - Adrian Dick 0451 825 403. Grade: Easy. Mostly wide level dirt roads.
Map: Bushells Lagoon
October 24, 2020
Saturday 8.30am
Sydney Olympic Park
Meet by the Cafe at the Waterview Convention Centre overlooking Lake Belvedere. Leader - Judy Harrington 0403 026 660.
Map: Sydney Olympic Park
November 1, 2020
Sunday 8.30am
Kurnell, Botany Bay and Boat Harbour
Meet at the information centre at Kamay Botany Bay National Park (entrance fee applies). Morning tea and lunch at cars. Habitat: Woodland, heathland, ocean and rock platform. Grade: Easy in the morning with mostly flat bush tracks and some concrete paths. The after-lunch walk to Boat Harbour is difficult with uneven and possibly slippery surfaces. Some steep sections. Leader - Cathy Goswell 0418 865 421.
Map: Kurnell
November 11, 2020
Wednesday 8.30am
Fred Caterson Reserve, Castle Hill
Enter Fred Caterson Reserve via Gilbert Rd, Castle Hill. Continue along Caterson Drive until you reach a car park at Fields 2 and 3. Do not turn left at any time. Grade: Moderate with slightly undulating bush tracks. Leader - Daniel McDonald 0403 374 362.
Map: Fred Caterson Reserve
November 21, 2020
Saturday 9.00am
Swansea (Self Drive)
Meet at Swansea McDonalds (enter via Wood Street) and then drive to the sites from there. Habitat: Coastal. Grade Easy. Leader - Cathy Goswell 0418 865 421 and Jack Adams (HBOC)
November 29, 2020
Sunday 4.30am and 7.30am
Dawn Chorus - Mitchell Park, Cattai
Second picnic table in Mitchell Park. National Park entry fee of $8 applies unless you have a NP pass. Two options for start times for this event. Grade: Easy to Moderate. Mostly flat with a medium length walk around the southern part of Mitchell Park. Leader - Andrew Patrick 0467 971 648
Map: Mitchell Park
December 9, 2020
Wednesday 8.30am
Photographic Outing - Centennial Park, Randwick
Meet at the kiosk next to the Shelter Pavilion on Parkes Drive between Randwick Pond and Duck Pond. Habitat: Ponds, wetlands and parkland. Grade: Easy. Leader - Marie Kobler 0418 844 629.
Map: Centennial Park
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